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Pilot Uwe Thomas Carstensen

Born 1946
Private pilot licence since 1995
Instrument flight licence since 2004
Round-the-world flight 2007
Round-Africa flight in 2011
Flying hours approx. 1,800
Lives in Hanover
Married to Maria
Industrial engineer
Former owner of a wind farm project company
Co-founder of the MUT Foundation

»The aviation challenges I face will boost my skills

The flight around the world in 2007 was the biggest aviation challenge I’ve had to date. The meteorological obstacles in the different climate zones were excellent preparation for a round trip of Africa and the current flight around South American and North America which will entail new experiences and above all confront us with different people and their cultures.«

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Uwe Thomas Carstensen
Uwe Thomas Carstensen
Carstensen with wife Marie
Happy landing with the hang glider
Water landing successful
Flight planning in the Grand Canyon, USA
Marie’s bear is always with us
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